Your referral practice for endodontic tratment

Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,

with our focus of dentistry being centered on endodontics, we have provided to patients highly complex root canal treatment under the dental microscope in my practice since 2004.

After passing numerous training courses in endodontics and additional studies in recent years under the guidance of professsors Martin Trope and Syngcuk Kims, both worldwide renowned luminaries of endodontics from the University of Pennsylvania (US), I acquired the qualification of a Certified Endodontics Specialist (TEC), which has markedly influenced my concept of dental tratment.

With a view to the expertise, experience and special instrumental equipment avalaible at my practice, you are welcome to take me up on my offer for services as a referral practice for endodontic treatment, such as for dentistry of the molars marked by complex canal structures and/or revision tratment.

 Chances of success of dental treatment administered in accordance with our methods can be assumed to reach 95%, while patients and you as a responsible dentist will be largely spared the nuisance to undergo or carry out root-end surgery in the future.

Following the rules of a trustful,partnership-oriented cooperation with our referring colleagues, it goes without saying that the patients' come-back to your practices is guarateed and a issue of paramount obligation.

I will be at your disposal, of course, to answer your questions in all matters of concern.